Sky High Salsa on Ledge of Willis Tower

Fred Astaire first danced on the ceiling in the 1951 hit movie Royal Wedding. Almost 60-years later, Fred Astaire’s now danced on the roof!

Professional ballroom dancers from Chicagoland Fred Astaire Dance Studios recently took dancing to new heights, as they stepped onto THE LEDGE AT SKYDECK CHICAGO to perform a sky-high Salsa at a mind-boggling 1,353-feet over the city of Chicago… camera crews from all major Chicago TV outlets captured every minute of action — 103-stories in the air.

The Ledge at Skydeck Chicago is located at Willis Tower, one of the most iconic buildings in the world, and features a series of glass bays that extend from the west side of Willis Tower’s 103 floor. “We’ve performed in some pretty unusual settings, but never anything as wild as this,” said dancer Jesse DeSoto, an alum of Dancing With the Stars, and owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio on Michigan Avenue.

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