New Cambium Condo Line

Cambium Furniture and Kitchens, has launched Cambium Condo, an all new line of condo/apartment sized furniture. The mid-priced Cambium Condo line includes sofas, chairs, chaises, love seats and sectionals, specifically scaled to meet the space constraints of condo and apartment living, without sacrificing style and expert quality. Each piece is created with extreme comfort in mind, yet designed in size to not overpower a room.The Cambium Condo line offers immense versatility, allowing clients to select their choice of:- Basic Configuration (2-cushion, 3-cushion, loose cushion, sectional piece, etc.)
– Arm style (ranging from a sleek, narrow 2.5″ to a more ample 8″)
– Over 40 different fabric selections
All pieces are available exclusively through Cambium Furniture and Kitchens, 113 West Hubbard Street, Chicago, Illinois at Cambium Home.Read more about it at:

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