Lure Izakaya is now open at 2925 North Halsted, Chicago. Modeled after a traditional Japanese izakaya pub (think Japanese tapas: simple small plates, designed to be shared in a casual setting, alongside plenty of Sake). Yet, what Lure chef/owners Kee Chan (Strings Ramen) and Macku Chan (Macku Sushi) have done is to elevate the playing field. The brothers have taken the casual format of izakaya, and fused it with kaiseki — best described as Japanese haute cuisine, to offer a hybrid of these two popular Japanese dining styles.

Traditional kaiseki is usually an elaborate, costly affair, consisting of 10 to 14 chef’s-choice courses, offered as a prix fixe tasting menu. Each course is placed in specific order by the chef, showcasing individual cooking styles: Nimomo (steamed), Yakimono (grilled), Kobachi (cold), Shiru Mono (soup), Ko-No Mono (pickled), Agemono (fried), etc., artfully designed to balance taste, texture, color. The Chan brothers have now taken the quality, artistry of kaiseki, merged it with the casual, affordable, communal vibe of izakaya to create Lure.

Lure’s Menu highlights the 9 most popular cooking styles, offering a choice of 3 to 7 affordable small plate options within each category, allowing guests to pick and choose their own options, at their own pace. A full menu of Sake, beer, wine and signature craft cocktails, presented in a sleek setting designed by Kee Chan, complete the experience.


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