Cambium Cooks-up Inspired Kitchen Solutions

How often do you enjoy a good glass of wine? Are you left-handed or right? How frequently do you e-mail? Where do your children do their homework? Do you enjoy baking? What’s your height? Brian Hudok makes it his mission to observe and keep track of just these types of things…and more. No, Hudok isContinue reading “Cambium Cooks-up Inspired Kitchen Solutions”

Everybody Dance Now!

Our client, Chicagoland Fred Astaire Dance Studios, continues to Waltz, Quickstep and Rumba their way through Chicagoland, growing from just two locations to a current total of eight in under 3-years time. The explosive interest and popularity of ballroom dancing now finds more than 2000 people a week flocking to their local Chicagoland Fred AstaireContinue reading “Everybody Dance Now!”

Sawbridge Studios Generates Buzz

Located in the heart of the red-hot Chicago Furniture District, our client Sawbridge Studios continues to generate plenty of buzz. With its “made by hand, not by a factory” mantra, and a cadre of some of the finest craftsmen and artisans in America, Sawbridge Studios has grown to become one of the country’s largest sourcesContinue reading “Sawbridge Studios Generates Buzz”

Week-Long Dance Competition on ABC-7 Morning News

Tapping into the explosive popularity of ABC-TV’s red-hot Dancing With the Stars, we worked with our client, Chicagoland Fred Astaire Dance Studios, to coordinate a week-long ballroom dance competition broadcast live on Chicago’s top-rated ABC-7 Morning News. For four consecutive days, Fred Astaire Dance Studio students were teamed with their instructors, to Rhumba, ChaCha, andContinue reading “Week-Long Dance Competition on ABC-7 Morning News”

Sustainable Furniture…Chicago Designers Respond

ClientThe Chicago Furniture Designers Association (CFDA), proved to be well ahead of the curve when we worked with them on a cutting-edge exhibit of sustainable furniture solutions designed by CFDA members. The three-month-long exhibit was a combination of breaking creativity and style, held at the Chicago Cultural Center and drawing thousands, while attracting extensive coverageContinue reading “Sustainable Furniture…Chicago Designers Respond”